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Tropa II

GUARTELA TROPA II High-performance Lightweight Hydrophobic Leather Laced Vibram Sole Combat OPS Tactical Action Boot



GUARTELA is the leading manufacture of extreme quality and performance combat and tactical boots in South America with production based in Brasil. Our Product Development Team has easy access to test out our products in every kind of terrain and weather in outdoor activities as well as metropolitan urban action, facing the roughest and toughest of environments and challenges in partnership with law enforcement, fire fighters and military from several countries.

We make boots to last! Quality and experienced craftsmanship with the latest tecnology in machinery sets us apart from the rest. We are simply the best there is.

Our tactical footwear give you the traction, agility, stability and resilience to maintain peak performance all day long.


GUARTELA TROPA II High-performance Lightweight Hydrophobic Leather Laced Vibram Sole Combat OPS Tactical Action Boot

  •  The most comfortable and durable lightweight boot you will ever have. Constructed with genuine Brazilian cattle hide Hydrophobic leather and ballistic CORDURA upper with Dry system nylon liner, this boot will keep your feet dry and protected and there is plenty of room for heavy socks or can tighten down for lighter ones. Extended height for enhanced calf shin protection.
  • The athletic Guartela design is extremely lightweight at average 40 ounces, ensuring long-lasting comfort and protection from fatigue, you won’t notice you are using a boot.
  • It provides plenty of arch support with 8 multi-positioned eyes and 9.8IN height that keeps the boot firm and stable offering agility, protection, and durability on every terrain and action
  • The VIBRAM soles are where the rubber meets the road with an aggressive tread worthy of any tactical or outdoor activity. More grip means more speed and quicker reaction. Exclusive MARS developed for Guartela
  • Exclusive TMP Temperature Management Technology will keep your feet at the right temperature, from the dry heat of the desert to the humidity of the jungle, taking you through long days, nights and miles of unpredictable elements and terrain, comfort is at a premium
  • YOUR CHOICE: Our Outdoors is under threat from many factors and you as a consumer have THE CHOICE to vote for a low impact brand and GUARTELA, with others, has a strong mission to REDUCE WASTE as much as possible. You are the DIFFERENCE and we encourage you to read more online, we strive to make the very best shoes with the minimal impact on nature.
Weight2.625 lbs
Dimensions13 x 13.4 x 5.1 in

10 USA – 42 BR, 11 USA – 43 BR, 12 USA – 44 BR, 13 USA – 45 BR, 5 USA – 35 BR, 6 USA – 36 BR, 7 USA – 37 BR, 7.5 USA – 38 BR, 8 USA – 39 BR, 8.5 USA – 40 BR, 9 USA – 41 BR

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